Friday, October 3, 2008

Can your company keep good people?

I used to hear taxicab customers complain occaisionally about a cab driver or dispatcher being rude or short or sarcastic with them.

In the taxi industry, it used to be difficult to keep conscientious employees.

Think about YOUR industry, is it hard to keep motivated workers? Especially if we're talking about the ranks of the lower salaried employees!

That tide is now changing!

More and more workers are hunting for a part time job that fits their schedule.

What better choice of part time work is there if you don't have to wait two weeks to draw a check!

If you drive a cab, like delivering pizza, you get CASH at the end of your work day... puch out/ go home with *foldin* money in your pocket!

Cab companies in both Montgomery County and Frederick County are no longer at the mercy of who ever walks in their door looking for a job.

Look at the industry this way:

If you (the cab company) don't have too many people willing to (and qualified to) drive a taxi, you're basically STUCK WITH what ever shmucks you can get.

NOW... Cab companies, especially taxi companies that specialize in Airport Transportation can take their pick of a much better pool of potential employees.

See that?

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There is some good to come from the status quo being trashed.

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