Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why no hybrid taxi cabs in Frederick Maryland?

"Like it or not, high gas prices are here to stay. Naturally, this uncomfortable reality has begun shaping our vehicle purchases."

This is the opening line from a website ranked highest in Google for "most fuel efficient cars in usa"


Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Sedans of 2008
By Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor

With the bulk of Taxi cab driver income coming from runs to BWI airport, one would think that cab companies would be racing to purchase fuel efficient cars...

Using EPA's combined fuel economy formula: 55 percent of city mpg rating plus 45 percent of highway mpg rating, Edmunds.com rated the following cars this way:

  • #10 Kia Rio — 25/35*

  • #9 Nissan Versa — 27/33*

  • #8 Honda Civic — 25/36*

  • #7 Toyota Corolla — 28/37

  • #6 Honda Fit — 28/34

  • #5 Toyota Yaris — 29/36

  • #4 Toyota Camry Hybrid — 33/34*

  • #3 Nissan Altima Hybrid — 35/33*

  • #2 Honda Civic Hybrid — 40/45*

  • #1 Toyota Prius — 48/45*

  • I'm guessing if it gets real, REAL cold this winter and heating oil prices drive up the price of gasoline... Maryland Cab companies that make BWI airport runs as their bread n butter (cash cow) will run out and buy some Toyota Prius's and paint them yellow!

    (wondering what the plural of Prius is??? Prii ??)

    In last month's edition of http://frederickchristian.com I saw a 'General Interest' page touting this:

    Smart ForTwo

    "Smart ForTwo is hte tiniest car sold in the U.S."

    "Detroit's Penske Automotive Group is offering the French-made Smart ForTwo car marketed by Daimler Chrysler. It's a rear engine two seat model that is less than 9 feet long. Two of them could fit into a parallel parking spot, making it the tiniest car sold in the USA"

    This is very unlikely to be used as a Cab... inside room/ trunk space requirements considered... but let the price of gas go up to $6 and $7 a gallon and I'll bet that will get re-thought!

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